V.I.P. Buyers 


What is a V.I.P. buyer?

A V.I.P. buyer is someone who is serious about buying a house, takes the proper steps and is willing to make an offer when they see the right house.  They are pre-approved through a good lender, have their down payment ready to go, credit score where it needs to be and is ready to sign.  

They trust me that I have their best interest at heart and I trust them to exclusively work with me.  

If a buyer wants to work with multiple Realtors, I will not be one of those Realtors.

Work exclusively with me and I will help you reach for the stars!

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What are the steps to becoming V.I.P.? 

 I'm glad you asked...

V.I.P. Step One

Before ANYTHING, a you must be pre-approved through a reputable lender.  You are allowed to use anyone you want, no one can specifically tell you to use a certain person.  If you don't have a lender and need a suggestion, please visit my Preferred Businesses tab and you will find everything you need!

V.I.P. Step Two

Part of the approval process with a lender is gathering your documents as quickly as possible.  This will speed up the loan process.  The longest part of buying a home is usually the loan process.  Faster document submission means faster approval and you can go home sooner.

V.I.P. Step Three

Save as much money as you can and above all DO NOT go out and open new credit cards, dispute anything on your credit, buy furniture or a car.  All of that can wait until after you close.  This is a serious pitfall that a lot of uninformed buyers fall victim to.

V.I.P. Step Four

If your lender has pre-approved you for a certain amount there may be a little wiggle room depending on taxes and insurance.  That does NOT mean that you can go buy a house considerably more expensive than your pre-approval letter states.  Falling in love with a house 25K over budget is not going to end well.

V.I.P. Step Five

Should you choose me as your Realtor, please be respectful. I will never call you before 10am or call you after 7pm. You are welcome to call me anytime between 8am and 8pm but calling or texting at midnight, 3am, 6am is unacceptable and will result in you having to find another Realtor to work with. I will give you the same respect you give me. I do not work FOR you, we work together.

V.I.P. Step Six

Enjoy the process.  It can be stressful but I try to make it as easy as possible for you.  If I see a possible pitfall looming, I deal with it immediately so it doesn't become a sinkhole.  Buying a home is an amazing experience and I love that I have touched so many lives over the years.  90% of my business is referrals.  That speaks volumes for the kind of Realtor I am!

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Homebuying is baffling to a lot of buyers and it's not an easy process but rest assured, if you are one of my VIP buyers and follow these steps, everything should go smoothly. I take precautions to make sure your experience is as easy as possible for my customers. I handle a lot behind the scenes so you can relax.  I am the key!

Below is the process broken down into 10 easy steps.

Take one step at a time and remember, I'm here every step of the way!

10 Steps of the Homebuying Process

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10 Steps of the Homebuying Process

The homebuying process is baffling to many buyers and may seem overwhelming.  Here is a breakdown in 10 east steps to keep you on track


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Step 1

Choose your Realtor (me!) and get lender approval

Unlike most brokerages I charge no fee to buyers at all!  My service is completely free to buyers but I won't turn down a cruise or Starbucks gift cards!  You can use any lender you want, I can give you referrals!

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Step 2

Select and view top 3-5 properties

Seeing more than 5 properties can cause a buyer to lose focus on what's important.  Don't get in the habit of just viewing properties.  Be serious about finding your new home.  Keep your focus.

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Step 3

Make an offer on your favorite house

When you find the house, don't delay.  Someone else might think it's theirs!  I will write the offer and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.  Questions?  I'm a call or text away.

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Step 4

Ratify the contract

Once the offer has been signed by all parties, congratulations!  You are under contract!  No more looking at homes, you are on to the next step!  I will send the lender a copy of the contract so they get started.

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Step 5

Do all inspections within the inspection period

Time frames are very important when dealing with legal, binding contracts.  All inspections must be done within the time frame in the contract.  If you don't have an inspector, I can give you a referral.

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Step 6

Work on your loan and homeowner's insurance

Submit documents to the lender as quickly as possible.  At this stage lenders will request a lot of documents and letters of explanation.  You also need to get insurance quotes which I will help you with.

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Step 7

Save, save, save $$$

Do NOT buy or finance anything.  No furniture for the new house until AFTER closing, no new car, do not open any new credit cards.  Save more money than you expect just in case!

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Step 8

Final walkthrough

The walkthrough is your opportunity to see the house before closing and make sure nothing has changed or been damaged.  This is typically done an hour before closing and I will be there with you.

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Step 9


The day you have been waiting for!  In mere moments and after a hand cramp or two from signing several versions of the same documents, you will own your new home!

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Step 10


Celebrate your new home, go buy all your furniture and make sure to invite me to your housewarming party!

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